Belkin N300 Setup

Belkin N300 extender enables you to broaden the range of your existing router. It includes 2 external antennas for optimum coverage. N300 provides support for 802.11 a/b/g/n network standards. It is also known as a wireless repeater extending the signals’ range and coverage. Whether you are in a balcony or moving upstairs, you will enjoy the same and fast connectivity after Belkin N300 Setup. This extender is compatible with almost all routers, eliminating the need to reconfigure anything on your wireless home network.
belkin wireless extender setup

Meet Your N300 Extender

Before starting the process of Belkin N300 WiFi Range Extender Setup, you should know about your extender. It has the following buttons and LED lights:

  • Status Light

This LED light shows the status of your range extender.

  • Off: The extender is unplugged.
  • Solid Amber: The connection is weak.
  • Solid Blue: The extender is connected to a WiFi network.

Thus, you can find the extender status through this LED.

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  • Status Light

The WPS button on your Belkin range extender is meant to establish a secure connection between the extender and other smart devices. On the other hand, WPS light shows the status of extender when you are using WiFi Protected Setup method.

  • Reset Button

If your Belkin WiFi extender functions improperly, use the reset button and restore all the default settings. Pressing this button will clear all the customized settings.

Belkin N300 Range Extender Setup

There are three main ways for Belkin N300 Range Extender Setup: wirelessly, cabled setup and WPS PIN Setup. If you want to go with the first method, follow the steps below:

  1. Plug in the range extender to a power outlet.
  2. The wall plug should be near the extender.
  3. Use a smart device with WiFi abilities.
  4. Connect it to a WiFi network.
  5. Don’t use the neighboring wireless network.
  6. Access www.belkin.range web address using a web browser.
  7. You can also use IP address for accessing Belkin N300 Setup page.
  8. A get started button will appear. Simply click on it.
  9. Choose the wireless network to extend.
  10. Once done, hit continue button.
belkin wifi extender n300 setup

Done! Now, your N300 extender is all set to be used by you. In case of any technical error, contact our well-trained technicians at 1-844-897-9854.

Belkin WiFi Extender N300 Setup using Cables

Walk through the instructions below for Belkin WiFi Extender N300 Setup in a wired manner:

  • Put the extender on power.
  • Make a wired connection between the extender and computer.
  • Take any WiFi-compatible device and launch a web browser.
  • Go to www.belkin.range web-based setup page.
  • Enter the username and password to proceed further.
  • Hit get started button.
  • Enter the password when prompted and click on next button.
  • Complete the process of Belkin Repeater Setup by clicking on next button.

In this way, your Belkin extender setup has been done. For any technical guidance, contact our experts at 1-844-897-9854.

Belkin Wireless Extender Setup using WPS PIN

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup. It is the easiest way to install and configure the range extender. No need to enter any password to make a connection with extender. Almost all Belkin range extenders can be set up using WPS PIN. You can find the PIN number on your router. For Belkin Wireless Extender Setup using WPS, double-click on the web browser icon and open it. Next, go to Belkin.range web address. Follow the steps given on the screen. If you come across any issue, get in touch with our certified technicians at 1-844-897-9854.